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Thursday, August 28, 2014
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Head Start Collaboration Office 

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Head Start is a comprehensive school readiness program serving kids 0-5 that has a strong focus on ensuring that they start school ready to learn. They offer many other services to these children to help them and to support their families. Families may enroll their children in Head Start programs based on their income and a number of other factors. There are Head Start programs available in every county.

Head Start programs are federal-to-local programs, which means that the funding goes directly from the federal government to the local agencies providing Head Start services. A Head Start Collaboration Office is provided in every state. In South Carolina that office is located at the Department of Social Services. This federal grant funds a Head Start Collaboration Director, who ensures that all low-income children are served. The Director also encourages partnerships between Head Start and other agencies involved in the care and education of young children.

For further information, please contact: the Collaboration Office at 803-898-2550. Additional information about Head Start can be found at www.scacap.org

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