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Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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Overview of Child Care Services 

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The Division of Child Care Services was formed as the result of South Carolina’s commitment to protect and serve children who are cared for in child care settings outside their own homes. The following programs are located in this Division:

The Child Care Licensing Program enforces laws and regulations established by the South Carolina Legislature to ensure that child care facilities provide the basic health and safety requirements for all children in their care.

The ABC Child Care Program is the statewide system designed by South Carolina to deliver child care services under a federally-funded grant program. The ABC Child Care Voucher program makes payments to providers to care for low-income children so their parents can work. In addition, the ABC Child Care Program has a number of activities and projects that help to improve child care programs throughout the state, and make them more available and affordable to the families that need them.

The Head Start Collaboration Office is funded through a federal grant and includes a Collaboration Director, who encourages partnerships between Head Start and other agencies involved in the care and education of young children.

The Social Services Block Grant Program provides federal funding to states to support social services programs that help protect children and fragile adults. The money for these grants is given to each state based upon their population numbers. DSS uses the money to fund needed services, with many of them being provided through local community agencies and organizations.

The South Carolina Child Care Data Bridge Project is a child care research and evaluation venture funded by a federal grant.

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